The main specialization of the Complex is export-import operations with liquid bulk edible cargoes.
Our highly skilled specialists have unique work experience with palm oils and their fractions, sunflowerseed oil, molasses and animal fat.
OPCTC is the Complex equipped with uptodate technology. It has its own branch lines involved in Odessa Port rail station railway tracks.
The Complex has its stand-alone power system that is ensured by two transformer substations connected to two independent sources that ensures uninterrupted twenty-four-hour operation.
The Complex is unique not only for its shoretanks equipped with heating system for freezing oils, but also for automatic equipment that regulates all the processes starting from oil level measurement and temperature control in the shoretanks and  ending with flow-rate meter.
The Complex has its own laboratory that is accredited by Ukrainian State Authority of Standardization, Metrology and Certification.
Advanced development plan provides Complex expansion. It shall last till 2015. Total capacity will make 96 000 tons of simultaneous storage.